Body Perceptions and Boudoir Photography

97 percent of women struggle with body image issues and say something negative about their bodies at least once a day. Women and self-perception is a difficult relationship to define, and even more difficult to understand. In the past, women have had poor self-perceptions of themselves and compared their bodies to other women’s. Not only are comparisons dangerous, but they’re a false way to judge beauty and self-worth as well. One of the best ways to increase self-esteem and believe in one’s body is to view it from different eyes. Boudoir photography allows you to see your beauty and sensuality through the lens of a camera.
In this blog, we will discuss how body perception can affect a woman’s view of her body. More importantly, we will go over a few ways to improve this perception to think more positively about the female form.

Media and the Female Psyche

Media is by far the greatest villain, in terms of negative perceptions about the female body. How? Well, think about every advertisement for lingerie, bathing suits, clothes, shoes — you name it — there is most likely a stunning model helping sell it. Advertisers choose visually appealing actors and models to support a product so that customers pay attention. When women see an advertisement to catch people’s eye, it can make them feel envious of that attention. More importantly, they compare their own bodies to images of models in a magazine, commercial, and so one. This comparison can be dangerous, especially because women can believe that they need to change themselves to assimilate to a false body image. Because they believe that they need to appear a certain way, they can stress themselves out trying to achieve that image. Worse, they feel that that image is unattainable and give up on believing that they are beautiful.

Self Doubt

It can be easy to look at an image of a model and then look at yourself in the mirror and make brutal comparisons. Though you might look different, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful, or that being sensual is out of your reach. Ultimately, changing your perception of something just takes looking at something differently. For instance, you can self-doubt your body and shame yourself into thinking you are not worthy to be considered an enticing subject. But actually, you are! All you need to do is to see yourself differently. This is where boudoir photography can help!

Boudoir Photo Shoot Discount

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