What Is Beauty?

Today, more than ever, body image has been put under a societal microscope. Now, more people are examining body image and what it means. More importantly, people are choosing to define both body image and beauty for themselves. To say that only one body type is considered beautiful is both exclusionary and close-minded. Just as no two people are the same, no two people consider the same things beautiful. As a society, we cannot claim that there is only one type of beauty or body image. We must consider everyone beautiful, even when the subjects don’t consider themselves so.

Boudoir Photography With Marco Ibanez

Boudoir photography is all about seeing yourself through the eyes of a professional photographer and celebrating your body. Feminine sexuality has been undermined and repressed for centuries. However, we are here to help boost female self-confidence and body image. Instead of hiding your natural, sensual beauty, it’s time to embrace it and let it run free!

Marco is a renowned photographer, who has had the pleasure of photographing dazzling people from all over the world. If you are looking for a true professional to photograph you, Marco Ibanez is the ideal person to call. By scheduling a boudoir session, you will gain professional photography, an incredible crew, and the respect and discretion you deserve.

Body Positivity: Is It Dangerous?

Body positivity can be dangerous. Women can finally embrace themselves, as they are; they can be free to love themselves and adore every inch of their bodies. Socially, the world has thrived on taking advantage of female insecurity and catering products to “fix” or hide things they should be ashamed of. What if society didn’t shame women, but actually celebrated them? Though the idea sounds wonderful, too many companies depend on body shaming in order to promote their businesses. So, is body positivity dangerous? For women, society as a whole, and our future generations — no it isn’t. But for companies that unmercifully prey on women’s body images? Absolutely.

At Marco Ibanez Photography, we won’t claim to be the first body positive brand, but we are a helping hand for improving social body image and female empowerment with the help of a camera lens.

Women Empowerment In An Artistic Way

Women empowerment is important because it teaches current and future generations a woman’s worth. A woman with a positive body image of herself and others can be a more self-confident friend, sister, mother, or partner. At Marco Ibanez Photography, we attempt to show women their true beauty through the use of boudoir photography. Our company only conducts photoshoots with the intent to respect and boost women’s self-confidence. By capturing feminine beauty at its most sensual, we can prove to women how staggeringly powerful they can be.

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