You earn what you learn…

Imagine you can go back in time and talk to your younger self? Oh man how amazing would that be,  the things you would tell yourself! the lessons learned you would share, the relationships you would avoid, the ones you would cultivate, the opportunities you wouldn't miss.  All that knowledge would put you in a much better place today, wouldn't it?

Even thought time traveling is not possible today, there is something you can do right now to quickly increase your knowledge and improve your chances of success: learn from the experience of others. 

Acquiring knowledge is absolutely necessary if you want to improve, grow and make more money. You need to understand that the set of skills you have today have helped you reach the point where you are today, but those set of skills will not help you move forward. The only way you will become a better photographer is by acquiring knowledge and learning new skills, so investing in your personal development and education is by far the best use of your money.

My goal, as a professional photographer, is to impact the life of clients and fellow photographers in a positive way by providing my expertise and sharing my knowledge. If you think I can contribute and be part of your journey please join me for one of my workshops, let me help you by reviewing your portfolio/website, or just contact me to say hi ;) .