I have never had an experience like the one I had with Marco. I had never done a shoot that was so revealing and I was nervous. From the moment I met Marco I was at ease. He was calm, gentle and supportive.

What followed was quite possibly the best shoot I have ever done. I have never had a photographer that made me feel as beautiful or as supported as Marco made me feel. There was never a moment of unease, never a moment where I didn’t feel like a goddess.

Naturally the result was a collection of some of the most beautiful photos of me I have ever seen. You can see that I felt safe, strong and beautiful. You can see that I radiate confidence and sensuality. As a model I was in awe of the way Marco seemed to be everywhere shooting and yet he never seemed to leave my side. His quiet voice was there as my guide, and with every word I felt more free and more at Peace. He captured a side of me I didn’t know I had, or at least didn’t know how to access.

I have met many great photographers, but Marco stood apart from every other person I have worked with. I left that Photoshoot feeling confident, beautiful and full of joy. I honestly have been recommending him to everyone. He is a diamond, a rarity in this Industry. The experience alone is something everyone should have, but the photos will keep you smiling long after.

Lizabeth Schrader