97 percent of women, at least once a day, say or think something negative about their body. This “I hate my body” moment that most women have can limit their self-esteem and their own perception of their beauty. You might have seen how advertisements have called attention to the growing problem that women do not see themselves as beautiful, sensual beings. Body activists have called for women to re-evaluate their self-worth and look at their bodies in more positive, self-loving ways. Boudoir photography offers something that other genres of photography can not always do. Instead of traditional photography, where subjects are placed in awkward positions and treated like lifeless objects, boudoir photographs are far more intimate. With an official boudoir photo shoot, you can gain incredible photographs that show off your natural, sensual beauty. With a photography experience like a professional boudoir photo shoot, you will be able to see yourself, not by your faults, but how incredibly beautiful you really are